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23.12.2021 Annette Studio, Tel Aviv

“Taijitu” for flute, guitar, and electronics will be performed by Daphna Itzhaky and Shiri Coneh as part of the Israeli Music Festival

16.12.2021 Jerusalem Theatre

“Voices of Saudade” was premiered by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Steven Sloane (More information)


I was interviewed in the newspaper “Maariv” (read the interview)

17.11.2021 Tzavta, Tel Aviv

“Taijitu” for flute, guitar, and electronics was performed by Daphna Itzhaky and Shiri Coneh as part of the Guitar Festival


So happy to be the winner of the Chicago Composers’ Consortium with my piece Reminiscence! Looking forward for the concert in May with Durward Ensemble!

11.11.2021 Annette Studio, Tel Aviv

L’espoir d’une vie meilleure was performed by Keren Motseri, Amit Dolberg, and Matan Dagan as part of the music series Poem Balev

1.11.2021 Tremolo, Natanya, Israel

I performed a concert with writer Eshkol Nevo which will include two pieces I wrote using his texts

28.10.2021 Annette Studio, Tel Aviv

“Firefly” was performed in Meitar Ensemble concert as part of Gaia Project (More information)


I gave a talk on my music at the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music in Tel Aviv University

21-23.10.2021 Gaia Project

“Firely” was performed by two students of the Jerusalem Academy of Music (Lidor Messika and Naomi Hassoun) as part of Gaia Project in three different locations in Tel Aviv

2.9.2021 Jelenia Góra, Poland

“Afterwards” was premiered by Trio Shulamit (More information)

1.9.2021 Alliance House, Jerusalem

“Transformations” for electronics was played as part as Sedek’s call for score

19.6.2021 Tel Aviv Museum

I performed the electronics with Meitar Ensemble, conducted by Edo Frenkel

10.6.21 Tel Aviv Museum

“From the Chrysalis” was performed by Israel Contemporary Players conducted by Ilan Volkov (More information)

8.6.21 Viola Centre for Arts, Prešov, Slovakia

“Ouroboros” was performed by accordionist Peter Katina (More information)

23.5.2021 New York City

Yael Weiss performed my piece “Into the Maelstrom” in a private concert


I presented a two hour program at the Kol Hamusika radio Station for the Independence Day of Israel

21.3.2021 Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

I performed Tzi Avni’s One on One as part of the release of his new book

2.1.2021 Meitar’s Ensemble CEME Festival Online

“Yellow Fingers” performed by Meitar Ensemble, Eshkol Nevo (narration), and me (electronics) as part of Meitar’s ensemble CEME festival.

I also talked about my piece as part of a panel who took part in this concert


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