Talia Amar


 L’espoir d’une vie meilleure (2021)

For soprano, violin, and piano

Soprano – Keren Motseri, Violin – Matan Dagan, Piano – Amit Dolberg

Afterwards (2021)

For soprano, clarinet, and piano

Trio Shulamit

Firefly (2021)

For voice and recorder

Voice – Lidor Mesika, Recorder – Naomi Hassoun 

There is a moment that the light (2019)

For soprano and piano

Soprano – Revital Raviv, piano- Talia Amar

Souvenirs (2017)

For ensemble and voice

soundSCAPE Festival

Imerofonos (Voice of Longing) (2015) 

For three voices, recorder, and guitar


Wunscherfüllung (2014)

For soprano, violin, and viola

Soprano- Lydia Dahling, Violin- Wooho Park, Viola- Lehan Wang

Riddles (2012-2013)

For soprano and percussion

Soprano- Lydia Dahling, percussion- Jessica Tsang

La Voix (2011)

For Soprano, two alti, flute, clarinet, saxophone alt, saxophone tenor, viola, percussion

Les Cris de Paris est Ensemble Recherche du Midi

Al Kol Ode (2008)

For soprano, clarinet, viola, cello, and percussion

Students from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Soprano- Avigail Gurtler and conducted by Ofer Dallal

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