Talia Amar


Spicy Paprika (2023)

For flute

Flute – Sarah Brady

Into the Maelstrom (2020)

For piano

Piano – Andras Gelleri

Women with Fleurs de Lis (2017)

For clarinet

Clarinet- Adva Hadida

Déjà Vu (2015)

For cello

Cello – Yotam Baruch

Paraphrase (2015)

For horn

Horn – Alon Reuven

The Starry Night (2014)

For Oboe

Oboe – Devin Hinzo

Phantasmagoria (2013)

For piano

Was chosen by pianist James Gibson to be performed in his tour of recitals throughout North America and Europe in the 2014-15 season

Was selected by pianist Jai Jeffryes to be recorded and released on his upcoming CD

Was selected to be one of three pieces to be performed by the candidates as part of the piano competition “Kol Hamoussica for young artist”

Piano – Talia Amar

Sensations (2009)

For Piano

Piano – Talia Amar

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